Bram Stoker's The Jewel of Seven Stars is a Horror novel about an Egyptologist who dabbles with ritual magic to bring an ancient Queen back from the dead. Stoker wrote this book five years after his best seller, Dracula. 

My illustrations were inspired by traditional ancient Egyptian wall art, and early 20th century fashion magazine figures. One of unforgettable details of the book is the seven fingered hand that belonged to Queen Tera. I felt that the graphic would serve as good shock value for the front of the novel, and immediately generate questions that need to be answered.


I chose to do a simple two color scheme, to maximize the graphic quality of the illustrations. The golden yellow is overlaid with a faint bloody gold texture that perfectly suits the book. The black is saturated in a dark brown given an aged feel, while still complementing the shiny wet gold. The color combo is an attention grabber, coupled with the mysterious seven-fingered hand on the front.