Whiskey on the beach never felt better than it does with a cold bottle of SHAKINU. This Hawaiian Made Whiskey is a three flavor series, featuring LEHUA HONEY, PINEAPPLE LUAU and COCONUT PALM. Each accentuates around a native specialty of the Hawaiian Islands. All three flavors will leave any drinker with an authentic taste of Aloha that will have you coming back to SHAKINU time and time again. 

The "Shaka-Man"

I created this mock-brand in hopes of developing a Whiskey that reverberated that “hang loose” aura that is so alive within Hawaiian culture. Inspired by tiki heads, and Polynesian tribal art, an iconic “Shaka-Man” logo was developed. His nurturing gaze isn’t telling you “I am going to get you drunk”, but rather “Let’s get drunk together”. This was essential to the visual language. 

Each bottle initially comes in a screen-printed burlap sack, enlivening the energy of the product on the shelf. The natural material says “From the Locals” to a drinker, further immersing him/her into the Hawaiian experience that comes with any bottle of SHAKINU. An abstracted graphic representing each flavor is embossed upon the cork wood caps.

While the color palette is rather earth-toned, the saturated splashes of oranges and yellows resonate the perfect amount tropical energy. Any more tropical, and the boldness that Whiskey embodies would be lost. 

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